Grab booking case study


Case Study-01

Description of the project ?

The grab is a app based service provider that offers the only ride-hailing, ride sharing, and logistics services through its app. It operates in 8 countries mainly in asia. Mainly the user can do simultaneously 56 booking at a same time of delivery, transportation and food.

It cover 3 industry by serve 3 type of service under the one roof so, user do not have to use different app for different task. Grab also make trust from delivering logistic from place to another under the city. (ie. Daily use items or small things)

The many other restraint and café are collaborate with the grab so, user can. Book food from same app by seeing the menu and add to cart and pay . Graber will deliver food at your giving location.

What we are solving ?

They providing the 3 different task but is it hard for user to book a service of different type of age group and if there is problem than we going to figure out the problem and solve the problem with help of user interviews, qualitative research to figure out the best solution to improve the customer experience.


Since uber is cover most of area in the world for transport but not in asia. The grab cover most of 8 countries in asia and providing the 3 different service under same roof. To begin the research we are going to take a look of at a few competitors or similar platforms, analysing UI, UX, User flow, IA and key features We'll go into the detail by seeing the survey, data analytics and focus on seeing the troubles for peoples to book the grab service. Uber, muycars, Jom rides, Riding Pink, Ola


Live Preview

User Personas

Going further through the research, I identified 4 personas which have different needs and different goals. This data will be useful to improve the user experience for each one of them.


What problem they faced while booking ?

  • -Navigation not clear
  • -App bugs
  • -Driver Cancellation
  • -Taking much time to book


Let's find the solution!

The pain point and problem we saw above. How user experience the problem for booking grab. Now first we see the actual flows of the current app and how they allowing user to select the car, price and confirmation of the ride.


Heat Map


The most clickable if you see in heat map is they select the service transport and than be sure about the navigation by clickng the gps button and finally they search the destination. But if we see in heat map there is most click in different section to try many time is navigation button and than to select the service to assure the service.



Now in new, the search is easy no need to disappear map. The user can easily understand what service is selected without any confusion and navigation button is easily in the line of sight and bigger so, easy to tap.

Booking Selection

After Selecting the destination the screen will take next step on selected the type of cab or bike and show the price at the same time this will help user to choose different cab or bike and save time without going on different screen. competitors

Booking Confirmed



Let's conclude the things and get to know what we done to improve the customer exprience. The things we solved is
  • Navigation problem
  • Decreased the flow to save time consumption
  • Selection of car/bike in single screen
  • Makes selection clear

Due to time constraints, the research and consequents assumptions are based on my personal experience and a small amount of data.
Deep analysis and additional testing needs to be conducted in order to refine and validate the solution.

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